Board of Directors Meetings

  • In 2018, Board meetings are normally held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month (March, June, September, and November) at 6:00 PM (previously 7:00) at Basalt & Rural Fire Station #44, 1909 Snowmass Creek Rd.  Please check the gray box to the right for the actual date of the next meeting.
  • Quarterly agendas are posted one day prior to every meeting at the intersections of Gateway Rd and Picket Pin and Gateway Rd and Light Hill Rd
  • All board meetings are open to the public and attendance is encouraged

Next Metro District Meeting

The next scheduled board meeting is Wednesday, June 24, 2020.

This meeting will be held via Zoom Please see agenda for link


2020 Budget is available now on the website.

There are two board positions that will expire and  be up for election in 2020. There is a  resolution  posted on the website and has all the details if you are interested.


Board Members
President:  Peter Van Domelen 143 Light Hill Rd, Snowmass, CO  81654:  970-925-3771 
Vice President:  Joe Raczak 234 Light Hill Rd, Snowmass, CO  81654:  970-925-1510 
Director:  Rick Newton 1588 Gateway Rd, Snowmass, CO  81654:  970-927-4187 
Secretary:  Holly Benson 241 Picket Pin Lane, Snowmass, CO  81654:  970-927-4165 
Treasurer:  Bill Landman 0027 Light Hill Rd, Snowmass, CO  81654:  970-927-3256 

Other Contacts

District Manager:  Bob Johnson

(970) 945-7653  ext: 206

Water Manager: Greg Keran
970-927-3674 / 970-300-7674 / 970-948-4187
Bookkeeper: Juliann Gornick
PO Box 645, Basalt, CO  81621
970-945-0150 ext: 101